About North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus is a heavenly Mediterrenean island surrounded by untouched natural beauties, clean and virgin nature, warm blooded people, wonderful beaches where you can sunbath for a whole year and its magnificient history of 9000 years.

With the perfect climate and hospitality Mediterrenean sea offers, it is one of the most beautiful islands bridging between 3 continents. It is a reflection of paradise with its splendid coasts and unique nature. Legends on that Sezar gives this place as a present to his great love Cleopatra is the proof.

In Northern Cyprus, one can find the signs of a 9000 year old civilization by visiting Salamis Ruins in Magusa region, Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, Namık Kemal Dungeon, Various Churches and Apostolos Andreas Abby in Karpaz, Arabahmet Mosque in Nicosia and Kyrenia Castle.

Natural Life in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has the clean coasts one can hardly find in Mediterrenean Sea. There several coastlines and many opportunities for the swimmers, starting from the beaches of luxurious hotels to the beaches of calm and small hotes behind the Besparmak Mountains and in Karpaz peninsula.

Famous golden beaches of Cyprus start from Gazimagusa and go along the strait and reaches Karpaz. There are splendid beaches in Kyrenia where beach bars are located and where various parties and sports activities take place. In addition, the view of 20 miles long secluded bays is not comparable to anything.

Karpaz peninsula is a tempting right spot for those who like trekking. Besides, there isn’t any asphalt road to this dreamland of National Park surrounded by scrub and olive trees. Therefore, you should have a safe land vehicle. The West has the incredible beauty of Guzelyurt bay surrounded by the smell of orange trees, waiting for the adventurers. 

North Cyprus Turtles 

The sea and coasts of Cyprus has been visited by green headed Chelonia mydas turtles and logger headed Caretta Caretta turtles for about a hundred million years. Chelonia mydas lays eggs only in our island, south eastern coasts of Turkey and sometimes in Israel. These fabulous beings come to the beaches of Northern Cyprus to ovulate between May and August.

Alagadi Beach, one of the beaches they lay eggs, is now being preserved. Once it gets dark after sunset, adult females with a shell thicker than 100 cm look for a place to ovulate. They lay between 65 and 110 eggs depending on their kind. Each turtle lays five or six eggs once in every 10 or 15 days. Once ovulation is completed, female gets tired and goes back to the sea. And two years later, she revists the same beach in order to ovulate. In order to help them, ecologists and students are making observations on sea turtles that are about to go extinct. It is also an exciting experience for the visitors to witness this wonderful natural phenomenon. 

Life Style

People visiting this heavenly island are very pleased with the warm blooded Cyprians showing hospitality and generosity to them with a smiling face. This sincere hospitality was once described by Charles C. Flankland in 1827 as such: “We were welcomed with water pipe and coffee, like a person of royalty; then each of us was served a kind of special gum and then a glass of sherbet... Then we were perfumed with rose water and a scent kept in a silver censer.”

Coffeehouses in Northern Cyprus are one of the significant locations where traditional sincerity and hospitality remains. It will be indispensible for our visitors to rest in these places where a cup of Turkish coffee will be remembered for 40 years as well as to taste the freshly cooked coffees having a Cyprian interpretation. Our ancestors emphasized the warmblooded people of Cyprus when they said “The soul desires neither coffee nor a café but just a warm chat between friends”.

In addition to friendly conversations accompanied by a cup of coffee, one must also taste the delicious foods Cyprian cuisine offers. Grilled Hellim cheese, Molehiya, Kolokas, Stuffed Vegetables, Kleftiko and Sheftali kebab – the most delicious kebab of all. You will have unforgettable experiences while eating either in the luxurious or in the small seafood and kebap restaurants located in the best places of island. You will not be able to forget the desserts served after dinner such as Whip dessert, gums made of walnut and bergamot.


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